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Conference on Formal Grammar


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Language and logic

Week 2 Time: 11:00 - 12:30 Room 249

Linguistic applications of mereology

Lucas Champollion


Content of the course:

Expressions like `John and Mary' or `the water in my cup' intuitively involve refer- ence to collections of individuals or substances. The parthood relation between these collections and their components is not modeled in standard formal semantics of nat- ural language (Montague, 1974; Heim and Kratzer, 1998), but it plays central stage in what is known as mereological or algebraic semantics (Link, 1998; Krifka, 1998; Landman, 2000). In this course, I present an introduction into algebraic semantics and selected applications involving plural, mass reference, measurement, aspect, and distributivity. I discuss issues involving ontology and philosophy of language, and how these issues interact with semantic theory depending on how they are resolved. Course script:

Lecture 1 - Mereology: general introduction; motivation of algebraic semantics; axiomatization of classical extensional mereology; comparison of mereology to set theory

Lecture 2 - Nouns: semantic theories of singular and plural; cumulative, divisive, quantized reference; group nouns; mass nouns; atomicity

Lecture 3 - Measurement: temporal and spatial trace; measure functions and degrees; measure nouns; pseudopartitives and the measurement puzzle

Lecture 4 - Verbs: event semantics; thematic roles; aspectual composition

Lecture 5 - Distributivity: lexical and phrasal distributivity; meaning postu- lates; D operator; leackage; nonatomic distributivity; covers


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